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3DCG become ubiquitous graphic representation. We introduce some features of 3D-NIXUS(*) which we developed.

3DCG control software development

3D-NIXUS (TM) (*)

The real time 3DCG drawing control portion, which is the core of 3D-NIXUS is offered as
a high level graphics library developed originally based on 3DX technology of our company.
In a front end application side, it is possible to realize main control which is needed at the
time of broadcast called rewriting of an action trigger, text,etc. on 3DCG, without describing
the processing to the 3D drawing itself.
3D-NIXUS image
The SDK window in a figure is a sample for development.

Plug-in software development of a ready-made CG tool

3D-NIXUS (TM) (*)

Plug-in software development of a ready-made CG design tool.
For example, it is possible to manufacture by 3ds max(r) and to carry out batch export through
plug-in only for 3ds max of development of our company as the scene data containing textures or
animation including form data.It is also possible to realize on the air the scene reproduced on 3ds max as it is,
without carrying out a re-setup on 3D-NIXUS.(※On the scene reproduced on the real time renderer of
plug-in only for 3ds max, it differs from the quality of image of the software renderer for 3ds max.)
The control needed at the time of broadcast, such as an action trigger and text area, is also set up on plug-in.

3D virtual studio system

If it is 3D virtual studio system which used 3D-NIXUS as a 3D character generator, a virtual studio system is realizable at low cost.


Control software & Simulation software development

Sending through RS422/RS232C on real time from camera sensor camera position data (pan,tilt,zoom,focus etc.)
is matched on real time by the virtual camera and high precision which were defined in 3DCG space
by the software for calibrations for which our company developed it originally.
With an actual camera, there is surely a gap of the rotation center at the time of equipping the distortion and
camera platform based on pictures with a lens.
If these cannot be simulated correctly, an on-the-spot picture does not match CG.And if the simulation of the zoom
characteristic for every lens cannot be carried out faithfully, CG and an on-the-spot picture do not match too.

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